December 25, 2007

Taiji Spoofed in Onion

A picture is worth a thousand words? The Onion, a national satirical newspaper ran this picture of some taiji players with the headline Tai Chi Practitioner Really Slowly Dislocates Knee. Possibly more worrisome is the yawning student. As everyone knows, practicing outdoors means the risk of gnats flying in your mouth. The Onion 6/26/07

December 19, 2007

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day April 26, 2008

Plan ahead! World Tai Chi and Qigong Day 2008 will happen on April 26th at 10 am local time. All around the world, people will gather to welcome the day with these health-enhancing, fascinating exercises. Many groups will be offering free demonstrations and classes for the public. Check your local listings or see the official site. (Photo couresty WTCD event in Perth, Australia)

December 14, 2007

Tai Chi Master Cools Tempers With Free Coffee

A Starbucks coffeeshop in Pompano Beach, Florida became the unlikely site of a taiji lesson. Taiji teacher and writer Arthur Rosenfeld was waiting in a drive-through line when the man behind him began honking and yelling at him. Instead of getting all hot under the collar in response, Rosenfeld yielded and created a "chain of kindness" by paying ahead for the man's drink. What he started lasted all day and became a welcome surprise for later customers, who kept it up.

"It wasn't an idea to pay anything forward, nor was it even a random act of kindness, it was a change of consciousness," he said. "Take this negative and change it into something positive." Rosenfeld is a popular taiji teacher in the area, and is author of The Cutting Season from YMAA's new martial fiction line, Diamond Eye, and The Truth About Chronic Pain among others. (KSDK Channel 5 12/14/2007). To see the video, click here.