February 9, 2010

Tai Chi Teachers, Beware

Have you ever received a query about classes like this one? Don't get excited, it is not a lucky break for your school. These people are scammers whose goal it is to pass bad checks and stolen credit cards. Beware!

Greetings Dear,

I'll be in the country with my friends for a one month vacation.
During our stay, we would like to book for 3 weeks classes for 1Hr
each day,Monday to Saturday (morning or Evening hours) for 6 persons.
We are asking for 1Hr per day for the 3 weeks-which is a total of 18Hrs
We would be coming over for a short Vacation and as part of our plans to keep fit during the vac.,we need
Private group training in either Karate,Taekwando/Kungfu/Ju-Jitsu/Self defense training
Do you have a training Gym/facility where you conduct the classes?
What Forms of the listed activities above do you teach best?

COMMENCEMENT DATE: 3rd May 2010-22nd May 2010
I would love to get the total cost or a quote/estimate for everything.
What are your payment options for registration? Do you accept credit cards(Kindly indicate cards accepted)?
We'll be grateful if you'll be willing to do the work to teach quality classes to us and make our visit a memorable and fun-filled one.
Please send a confirmation to this email(AS PLAIN TEXT AND NOT AS AN ATTACHMENT) so that we can know what to do.

Best Regards