July 25, 2007

Books & Media Received: General, Health, Philosophy, Qigong


The Book of Martial Power:The Universal Guide to the Combative Arts, by Steven Pearlman
Chi and Creativity: Vital Energy and Your Inner Artist, by Elise Dirhlam Ching & Kaleo Ching
Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals: A Historical Survey by Brian Kennedy & Elizabeth Guo
Combat Fitness for the Elite Female Martial Artist, by Martina Sprague
Empty Force: The Power of Chi for Self-Defense and Energy Healing, by Paul Dong & Thomas Raffill
The Overlook Martial Arts Reader, Volume 2, by John Donohue, ed.
Sun Tzu: The Art of War, Lin Wusun
Training Women in the Martial Arts: A Special Journey, by Jennifer Lawler & Laura Kamienski
Zen Body-Being, by Peter and Laura Ralston


The Knee Crisis Handbook: Understanding Pain, Prenting Trauma, Recovering from Injury, and Building Healthy Knees for Life, by Brain Halpern, M.D.
The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World, by Mary Bond

PHILOSOPHY, Daoism / Taoism, Yijing / I Ch'ing

Breathing Spaces: Qigong, Psychiatry, and Healing in China by Nancy Chen
The Living I Ching: Using Ancient Chinese Wisdom to Shape Your Life, by Deng Ming-dao
Nine Nights with the Taoist Master: Deluxe Study Edition, by Waysun Liao Nourishing the Essence of Life: The Outer, Inner, and Secret Teachings of Taoism, by Eva Wong
The Practice of Presence: Five Paths for Daily Life (T'ai Chi & Taoism, Jung & Individuation, The Teaching of Gurdjieff, Prayer & Meditation, F.M. Alexander's Mind/Body Integration, by Patty de Llosa
Qigong for Staying Young Shoshanna Katzman
Revealing the Tao Te Ching: In-depth Commentaries on an Ancient Classic, by Hu Xuezhi
Vital Breath of the Dao: Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong, Laohu Gong, by Zhongxian Wu (Dragon Door, $29.95)

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