July 31, 2011

Tai Chi's Ability to Change Mobility

People who take up tai chi practice are often surprised by the positive changes it creates in their lives. A report in the New Zealand Marlborough Express captures well the benefits of tai chi for someone who's been challenged by mobility problems.
"Seventy-year-old Lynda Neame said she started modified tai chi classes in 2008 after suffering from concussion, which caused vertigo and dizziness. "I thought I would learn how to stand up straight, walk in a straight line and get control of myself."
The benefits proved more extensive. Mrs Neame also suffered from osteoarthritis and had resigned herself to gradual loss of mobility because of the pain in her shoulders, legs and hips. "I spent an hour recovering after half an hour in the garden and thought `this will be my life'."
But with the tai chi, she can now also enjoy pilates, bike riding, swimming and her beloved gardening." 
 Marlborough Express (7/13/2011)

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